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Your pain is as unique as you are.

We understand this and treat what you “feel”.

This is the premise of the Internal Medicine & Pain Clinic. And it explains why traditional Western medicine respects alternative Oriental medicine as a vital partner in treating a full spectrum of human conditions.

Patients suffer from symptoms even though traditional therapies are used to treat illnesses or injuries. Drugs or surgery may cure and correct medical problems but a person can still experience pain. It is real. Patients often suffer side effects from Western medicine treatments too.

We provide options that are safe, free from side effects and proven effective. In fact, we are often a first resort instead of a last resort, saving our patients considerable suffering, time and expense.

Dr. J. B. Chung specializes in integrative medicine, pain management and pain neutralization and is one of the nation’s most renowned acupuncturists. He has gained the respect and the referrals of many physicians and surgeons during his years of practice.

His clinic also provides other Oriental treatments such as electrical stimulation and cold laser, as well as Standard Process nutritional supplements and herbal medicines which enhance his practice. On their own, or integrated with traditional treatments, the goal of alternative medicine is to provide the balance a body needs for complete wellness. This is our commitment to each patient.

Dr. Chung has now incorporated Pain Neutralization Techniques (P.N.T.) into his practice. He cannot count the number of patients since then who have seen positive results with it – from TMJ, fibromyalgia, adrenal reflex, muscular pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, digestive pain, cervical pain, sciatica pain, radiating pain, post-surgical pain, etc. The list goes on and on.