About Dr. Chung

Dr. Chung


M.D.O.M. – Medical Doctor in Oriental Medicine
Dong Yang Medical College

Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine
American Liberty University


With over 40 years experience in pain management, Dr. Chung has treated thousands of patients for conditions ranging from Allergies to Spondylosis. In addition to treating illness, Dr. Chung has successfully treated side effects often caused by traditional medicine, sports injuries, addiction and depression to name only a few. M.D.O.M. training includes training in herbal medicine, which positions Dr. Chung to advise on vitamins and supplements.


Dr. Chung’s most valued accomplishment is the gratitude of his patients who consider him “best in his field”. See Testimonials on this website.

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine License
Diplomate in Acupuncture & Diplomate in Herbology

Dr. Chung was instrumental in establishing the State Acupuncture Board in Wisconsin working with the Department of Regulation & Licensing. He was one of the first heads of the Board and a principal architect of the Administrative Rules, which remain in place today.


1993 – Acupuncturist of the Year
2004 – Acupuncturist of the Year
1999 – American Association of Oriental Medicine
Granted Lifetime Membership as a FOUNDING PATRON and in recognition and appreciation for distinguished service in the advancement of Acupuncture.
2007 – International Health Professional of the Year

2013 – Board Certified in Integrative Medicine


Member of American Association of Integrative Medicine
American Association of Oriental Medicine – Lifetime Member
American Association of Oriental Medicine – Esteemed Member
Wisconsin Oriental & Medical Association
Wisconsin Back Society
American Academy of Pain Management