How Does Oriental Medicine Work?

The WHITE PAPER, which follows, focuses attention on Nature’s Law, the basic principle of the Universe. This law embraces and affects all things in our universe. It consists of a duality of opposites (opposing forces) that, when united in equal and balanced proportions – qualitatively or quantitatively – result in equilibrium, normalcy, and in the human body, good health. When unbalanced, the consequence is discord and illness. An example of such duality is East and West, opposite to each other both in direction and force, each balances the other. When combined they become a complete directional unit. In the same way, either Western medicine or Eastern is incomplete without the other. Each possesses its own half of usefulness as to the kinds of illness it can treat. Combined as partners, they can remedy virtually all illnesses. This paper promotes the collaboration of Western and Eastern medicine for the benefit of the health of humanity.

A doctor experienced in both Western and Eastern medicine is in the unique position of knowing both sides. He can understand that although each side is eager to treat all illnesses that afflict mankind, this over zealousness cannot succeed. Each side needs to face the reality that it is limited to treating only certain kinds of illness – Western medicine for the objective ones, and Eastern medicine (acupuncture) for the subjective ones.

For objective illnesses, although acupuncture may help, Western medicine does a better job. An example is diarrhea from eating food contaminated with bacteria. Acupuncture may reduce the peristalsis, thus reducing the diarrhea, but Western medicine’s antibiotic ampicillin (effective against E.Coli, Staphylococci and Streptococci, the bacteria commonly incriminated in food poisoning) can cure the condition in a few hours. Contrarily, for subjective illness, although Western medicine may help, acupuncture does a better job. An example is a migraine headache. A pain pill will relieve the headache, but when the medication wears off, the headache returns. Acupuncture will normalize an impaired electrical flow that is the cause of the headache (barring a tumor), and the patient gets well.

Through this paper, the reader will gain a thorough understanding of the orderly balance of opposites in our universe, including the field of medicine. With this knowledge, he will be in a better position to understand and accept the profound truths of Western and Eastern medicine and their respective applications.
J. B. Chung, OM – MD – PHD

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