Dr. Chung has helped me greatly with my dizziness and balance problems. Before being treated, I had many problems just standing up and dressing myself.
~ Ed C.

Before seeing Dr. Chung for ADHD, it would take my 12 year old son 1 ½ to 2 hrs. to fall asleep and when he would he would toss and turn all night. Now it only takes 20-30 minutes and he sleeps soundly. He no longer gets so emotional, aggressive or angry; his anxiety and crying are rare. His teachers have seen a great difference in him. He is much happier and doing so much better. We appreciate all Dr. Chung has done for him.
~ Karonna A.

Fifteen months ago, I thought my life was over at 55 and it would be downhill from there. I realized recently that I had not thanked you and I could not let more time pass without telling you. Thank you sincerely for giving me my life back.
~ Carol B

Dr. Chung, thank you, thank you, thank you! … Your knowledge wisdom and magical touch helped us in creating our precious daughter! We are thrilled and delighted each time we look at her.
~ Andrea R

Thank you so much Dr. Chung for once again giving me back my life. My hip and leg pain last week was terrible and I was, and continue to be, amazed by the results of the acupuncture treatments you’ve given me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ Darlene W

Dr. Chung you did such a great job on my shoulder (my recovery was immediate and 100%). I tell many people about you and will always be grateful.
~ Henry P

Dr. Chung, I sincerely appreciate the help you gave me in alleviating my painful shoulder. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t brag you up to my friends!
~ Ann L

Thank you Dr. Chung! Words will never adequately express the gratitude I feel toward you and your healing art!
~ Deb W

Dr. Chung, when I came to you, I could hardly walk. I had so much pain in my back. I am back golfing and enjoying life, and I have you to thank for it. You are truly amazing.
~ Bev R

How can I say that I miss someone who sticks needles in me! Well guess what… I do! If it weren’t for you, my feet and hands would really ache after playing golf, but thanks to you they actually feel great! Thank you!
~ Bea C

Dr. Chung, I so appreciate what you have done for my health. Because of you, I have contacted our Congressional delegation and Medicare in an effort to implement legislation approving acupuncture under Medicare.
~ Shirley T

Dr. Chung, when “our patient” awoke this morning, he said that he felt like a new man. Despite a full work day, he pronounced himself “completely cured… Your treatment worked wonders!
~ Pam

Dr. Chung, just a note to thank you for all you’ve done for me! Without you, I wouldn’t be walking. There aren’t words enough to compliment your talent. Thank you so much!
~ Marie S

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible job that you have done with me. I am also very grateful for your wise and funny advice.
~ Nifsa

I have been successfully treated by Dr. Chung for cardiac arrhythmia. Upon conclusion of a more standardized treatment program that included costly prescription medications with potentially dangerous long-term side effects, I experienced further problems. I sought out Dr. Chung because of his noted experience and expertise in the field of acupuncture. I have not been disappointed. His technique brought relief of my problem.
~ Jonathan H

Dr. Chung, you have helped me greatly. My movements were very slow (like a snail) and painful. The morning after treatment – no pain. Now I can resume knuckle pushups!
~ John K

Dr. Chung, I thank you sincerely for your care and treatment of myself and our children and for your skills in acupuncture. You have improved all of our lives.
~ Connie

Dr. Chung, thank you for your help during my pregnancy. She is the light of our lives!
~ Karen R
“I’ve been to many doctors looking for a solution to my pain. Finally a doctor told me, ‘I’ve done all I can, you’d better go see Dr. Chung’.”

Heard many times: “You have magic hands.” “I can’t believe it!”

“I was treated for sciatica and lower back pain. After treatment, not only had the chronic back pain gone away, but my leg was no longer feeling numb. I was totally surprised when after a month my sciatica pain had not returned.”

“I’ve had osteopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, myofascial, etc. treatments by the best practioners. PNT is the most effective, immediate and long lasting technique I have ever experienced.”

“I’ve had chronic C5-6 pain since my mare dumped me in the pasture on my head 50 years ago. After my first treatment, the pain was a relieved almost completely that day and has remained so for 6 months. I also had chronic medical epicondylitis of the right elbow and that was relieved with one treatment.”

“I’ve had continuous back pain since fracturing the transverse process of L1-2-3-4 in 1974. With PNT, the pain was gone. It is still gone.”

“I had bilateral hip pain for months that I thought was from DJD, but x-ray did not show any degenerative changes. I had trouble walking. After 1 brief treatment the pain was gone. I have no more hip pain.”

“WOW doesn’t begin to cover the relief I feel (after PNT treatment)! I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation and had surgery in 2002. 4 years later, I had 2 cervical disc surgeries. Though the more serious neurological symptoms are controlled, I’ve had daily headaches, neck stiffness and chronic cervical pain since then. Regular physical therapy, deep tissue massage and medication helped somewhat but any relief was temporary. ”

“One treatment (with the PNT techniques) has relieved the painful stiffness and limited range of motion I’ve had for the past 10 years!!”

” In 2-3 seconds, all of my trigger point pain had disappeared. It’s amazing! It’s gone!”

“I had myeloma (cancer) of the jaw. I had trouble swallowing, severe pain and couldn’t see properly after radiation and chemo. With my first PNT treatment, all my pain and other symptoms disappeared.”

“PNT relieved my migraine headaches and I am so grateful.” “I had pain in my legs which was so severe that I could barely stand. The pain was gone in 60 seconds. Unbelievable!! Dr. Chung is amazing.”

“I had severe osteoarthritis of the shoulder and after only one treatment had 90% pain relief. Thank you, Dr. Chung.”

“I came into the clinic with severe lateral knee pain and was using crutches. I was a skeptic but was willing to try Dr. Chung for relief. I had about 80% relief with just the first treatment. I am now walking without crutches and did, obviously, cancel my surgery!”

“I had vertigo and dizziness. I got better and better with each treatment.”

“I had bilateral ulnar neuropathy and numbness was my major complaint. My numbness has completely gone way.”

“When I came in for treatment, I was a 39 year old with MVA with a history of rotator cuff tear and severe back pain. I had previously received trigger point treatment and botox injections with minimal relief. I was on Lyrica, Vicodin and Flexural therapy. I am extremely happy with my PNT results!”

“I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and with PNT saw significant improvement in my symptoms right away, with better breathing and my snoring was reduced considerably.”

“I had severe allergic rhinitis and took at least 3-4 rounds of steroids per year. I was surprised and amazed to feel complete relief after being treated a couple of times with this method.”

“I had neuropathy related to a spinal cord injury. After a month of treatment, I can thankfully say that I have 100% relief.”

“I suffered with fibromyalgia for 25 years. After PNT and spinal blocks, I had 90% improvement. ”

“I had lower back pain and was disabled for 2 years with an average pain score of 9-10 with pain meds. After my first PNT treatment and lower back techniques that score dropped to 2. 30 days later, my pain dropped to zero with a cervical/spinal nerve block.”